About us

How was Real Reviews USA born?
Real Reviews USA was founded in response to the growing need for consumers to conduct research before making a purchase or using a service from a company. Many review platforms, for example, collect reviews from companies in a subscription form for a hefty fee. This paints a distorted picture of the companies associated with such a platform. Real Reviews USA has no paying customers, both companies and consumers, so we can gather truly independent reviews on which you can rely! Do you want to know how we do it? You can read about it HERE.

What companies are listed on Real Reviews USA?
Use our search function to see if your company or the company you’re looking for information about is already listed on the platform. Are you missing a company or a service provider? Please let us know!

Why register my company?
We provide a platform for companies that are confident in their products and services to collect truly independent reviews. Because these reviews are not posted on a subscription-based platform, the image about your company is truly authentic, making them very valuable to potential customers.

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